Our day in court, now we wait. And lobby the mayor

kiro view of residentsBenchview got its day in court on Fri., July 19.

We felt our lawyer Cynthia Kennedy did a fine job explaining our case.  After hearing arguments from both sides for two hours, Judge Spearman said that the case was complicated and had a lot of details, so she could not make a decision on Friday. She will review the information and make a decision “soon.”  WS Blog’ provided “as it happened” coverage of the hearing.

The fact that the judge confirmed this is a complicated case simply reinforces the fact there is inequity in Seattle’s land use laws- the are basic laws we all know, and then there is a tangled web of confusing rules and procedures that only a small number of developers have access to.

Why did we have to go to King County Superior Court?

The City of Seattle says that a decision like the one in Benchview to convert 2 lots into 3 house sites (through this lot boundary adjustment)  is not a big enough deal to require them to inform the neighborhood about it.   If you disagree with a decision like this, you can’t even argue your case before the hearing examiner – you have to raise the money to do a full fledge lawsuit in county superior court!

What’s next?  Lobby the mayor.

If we win, need to make sure the City doesn’t appeal the case to the WA State Appeals Court.  To say the least, it would be disappointed if Seattle tax dollars were used to try to overturn a KC Superior Court decision which favors and protects residents and neighborhoods over one developer.

Please contact Mayor McGinn (Mike.McGinn@seattle.gov) and ask him to promise not to appeal if Benchview wins its case.


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