Duffus’ new tactic: try to modify the dead permit

As the previous blog post said, our lawyer and Benchview believe that because the judge said the LBA was erroneous, it is dead and Duffus must submit a new one.  However, a key loophole will not work under a new LBA, so now Duffus only has 2 lots now, not 3.

But Duffus is trying to get around that.  His team submitted a request to DPD to revise the lot lines of his dead LBA.  That way he still gets 3 houses on 2 lots, including a three story house 30′ tall and 23′ wide.

Incredibly, Duffus had to use yet another loophole to try to modify that dead LBA.  Now his house on Manning St wouldn’t even have the required 5′ side yard we regular folks must have by law. Instead, Duffus would use the easement loophole to get around the side yard rule.

DPD needs to make it crystal clear that the old LBA is dead.  DPD has the power to do that by revoking the old LBA because it was issued in error.

Please contact Mayor McGinn and tell him to revoke that dead permit.  Our “How to Help” page has everything you need to send a quick email.



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