Duffus Asks Judge to Change Her Decision

Per a previous post, Benchview won a key decision in King Co. Superior Court.  Our lawyer believes this means that now Duffus can only have 2 houses here, not 3.

But Duffus’ team of lawyers know all the legal tools they can use to try to win this dispute.  (After all, the lawyer Duffus hired to fight our small neighborhood is the same lawyer the Seattle Mariners hired in their dispute against billionaire Chris Hansen and the City of Seattle.)

Duffus’ team submitted a “Request to Reconsider,” which asks the judge to change her decision so that it no longer helps the neighborhood. Because of this tactic, the neighborhood determined that we had to defend the judge’s decision, which cost us even more money.

The judge is expected to make a decision on the “request to reconsider” during the week of Aug. 19.   [No news as of Aug 21 at 9 pm]

Documents for the Request to Reconsider, a.k.a. “Round 2 of Duffus v. Benchview N’hood Assoc.” is on our court case page.


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