City Claims it Can’t Help N’hood; Plans to Revise Dead Permit

Aug. 27:  DPD announced that they have no choice but to revise the developer’s (dead) permit.   This means Benchview would lose: the developer would get to build 3 houses on two parcels.  (For everyone else in the n’hood it’s illegal to build 3 houses on this amount of land.  This sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.)

Specifically, DPD said it must review the developer’s proposal to revise the (dead) permit, and DPD believes it will be approved.

Many residents contacted DPD and the mayor’s office pointing out that DPD can help the n’hood.  DPD’s letter denies this is true, but provided no real explanation.

Note:  Some posts on this blog/website include some lag time.  Residents fight to defend their neighborhoods on their volunteer time (while balancing family time, vacations, etc.)  In contrast, staff of the Dept. of Planning and Development and developers are paid professionals working on this issue.   ‘ Just another example of the inequity between residents and developers in Seattle.


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