Our neighborhood

anja house

We are a middle class neighborhood. The typical house fits in with the scale of the other one or two story homes.

We love our Benchview neighborhood of West Seattle.  We’re blessed to have an old fashioned neighborhood where everyone knows your name, kids ride bikes in the street, we have lots of block parties, and folks help each other out.

We named our neighborhood after the little street-end park which we all share and enjoy.   This sweet spot has a bench where anyone can sit and enjoy the view.

We are fighting for fair and equitable development – and asking for basic courtesy

Given the context of basic kindness and decency, it’s frustrating the a developer can buy property and ignore basic rules of consideration.  Claiming “it’s just business” or “I’m not breaking the law” just proves that they just don’t get it.

The City of Seattle used obscure, confusing and vague land use laws to approve a developers plan to have 3 houses on a property where the basic zoning only allows two.

To make a long story short, the only legal option we had for this major impact was to band together, raise the funds and sue the City in King County Superior Court.


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