3 lots w fence  no neighbor lot Sep

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This corner lot is about 11,500 s.f. – enough for two lots which meet the minimum lot size of 5,000 s.f. under the basic zoning rules.

But the developer used many loopholes to carve the property into 3 lots.  Lot B (the red “L”) was drawn so most of Lot A’s front yard is owned by B.   This made lot B just large enough to get around the 2 story height restriction on lots under 3,750 s.f.

simula fr bench shorter blue

Simulation showing the 2nd house (blue) and the 3rd house (red)

The red house would be 23′ wide and 30′ high.  It would be one of the biggest houses in the neighborhood, and sit on the 2nd smallest lot in the n’hood (3,750.1 s.f.).   These lots would be the three smallest lots in the Benchview neighborhood.

The city approved the first version of this plan in January.  The judge’s ruling in July triggered City law 23.76.034 , which would allow the City to the revoke the permit, which would limit the developer to 2 lots, not 3.  The City denied they had this power and failed on its promise to explain why.

The red house, at 3 stories, would tower about 5 stories above the neighborhood’s gathering place across the street from the existing house.

from Orleans

Looking north toward the neighborhood’s public space at the end of the street.

This visualization shows how out of the scale the 3rd house would be and how it would degrade the character of the neighborhood.


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